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Mindful Play Learning for Your Community

Bring Mindful Play Learning Classes to Your Facility

At Mindful Play Learning, our mission is to help humans discover the power of mindful play! We empower early learners to imagine the possibilities through mindful play. Our unique approach combines yoga and imagination to promote social-emotional learning, support cognitive development, and enhance creativity for little ones. 

Is your organization or business interested in bringing Mindful Play Learning to your area? Our program is created to enhance any organization's business model.  When you purchase our complete program solution, you can execute Mindful Play Learning programming in a variety of exciting ways for the children and families at your organization or that utilize your business facility.


Benefits of Mindful Play Learning Classes

The Play
Everyone loves to play and our activities have a purpose. Kids and adults will enjoy the activities and have fun! 

The Research
Research shows that play-based learning has learning and social development benefits to all learners. Engaging in play-based learning stands as the optimal approach to facilitate education. Children, being innate scientists, enter the world with a predisposition for exploration and acquiring knowledge through play.

The Community
There's no other community like the Mindful Play Learning community! Through training, workshops, and online forums, you'll become part of our vibrant community.

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When you purchase our Complete Program Solution, your teachers become a part of our network of early learning environments and teachers offering Mindful Play Learning. 

Mindful Play Learning Complete Program Solution 

Mindful Play Learning lessons offer a holistic approach, where mindfulness and yoga meet circle time and play! Each lesson is themed and playfully uses yoga and imagination to teach early learners social-emotional skills, support cognitive development and enhance creativity. Lessons include music and movement, games, storytime, meditation and so much more!  When you purchase our Complete Program Solution, it consists of a 300-page curriculum guide with over 50 lessons (300+ activities), a Mini-Meditation Card Deck, a Yoga Play Card Deck and a teacher kit with activity enhancement tools that are essential for helping to make your Mindful Play Learning sessions a success! 


Lessons include: 

  • Theme Overview

  • Opening

  • Show and Tell 

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathing

  • Playful Sun Salutation

  • Themed Yoga Pose

  • Fingerplay

  • Music and movement with music suggestion

  • Sensory Play 

  • Craft

  • Game

  • Storytime with a book suggestion 

  • Meditation

  • Closing


How can I incorporate Mindful Play Learning at my facility?

Facilities can incorporate Mindful Play Learning as parent and me classes or as enrichment classes for early learners. These sessions can be offered in the following ways:

  • Daily Sessions 

  • Weekly Sessions 

  • Bi-Weekly Sessions 

  • Seasonal Camps 

Brand your classes as Mindful Play Learning or use your own name! 

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Incorporate Mindful Play Learning at your facility










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