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For Families 

Mindful Play Learning Classes

Why should you join one of our classes? 

Mindful Play Learning sessions offer a holistic approach to learning, where mindfulness and yoga meet circle time and play! Each session is themed and playfully uses yoga and imagination to teach early learners social-emotional skills, support cognitive development and enhance creativity. Sessions include music & movement, games, storytime, meditation, and more!

Join a Class 

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Eatonville, Florida

Tuesday 10:15am


Orlando, Florida

March 2025

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South Trail Branch

June 2024


Coming Soon 


The 3 C's of PLAY

Our classes inspire early community development, encourage creativity, and explore the cognitive development of our baby buddies, toddler buddies, preschool buddies and primary buddies alongside their caregivers through open-ended mindful play. 

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Benefits And What To Expect 


 Concepts are learned by children becoming aware of their 5 senses and their breath.

Sensory Play

Offers opportunities to engage the five senses in a tactical way with the subject material.


Themed poses that strengthen the body and are fun and easy 

to do!  


Art that uses hands or senses for delicate acts that practice fine control & patience.


Encourages learning rhythm, improves balance and coordination.

Yoga Storytime 

Builds literacy skills, vocabulary and imagination. Builds listening skills.  

Finger Play 

Fun rhymes that aids in language development, math skills & small motor skills.

Open & Closing 

Anticipation is established with children through consistency using songs and incentives.  

Class Levels 

Our whole-child approach allows our class levels to be open-ended and modified based on the age group as needed. Our classes range from ages 0-7 years old. 

  • Baby Buddies 

    • up to 12 months 

  • Toddler Buddies 

    • 12 months to 30 months

  • Preschool Buddies 

    • 30 months to Five years

  • Primary Buddies

    • Kindergarten - First Grade


Private Services for Families 


Private 1:1 Sessions 

Class Length | 45 minutes 

Age Group |  1 - 7 years old 

$60 per child/session

Available as 4 or 8-week time slots 

Our Private 1:1 Class is the perfect way for your child to learn mindfulness through play. We offer a tailored program to cater to your child's specific needs, ensuring that they get the most out of each session. Our classes are designed to help children develop life long habits while having fun.


Private Parent & Me  Sessions

Class Length | 45 minutes 

Age Group |  1 - 7 years old 

$60 per child/session

Available as 4 or 8-week time slots


Our Private Parent and Me Session is a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to bond while learning mindfulness together. We provide a safe and supportive environment where you and your child can connect and build a strong relationship. Our experienced facilitators utilize fun and engaging activities that help children develop mindfulness techniques that will benefit them throughout their lives.


Private Group Sessions

Class Length | 45 minutes 

Age Group |  1 - 7 years old 

$25 per child/session  

$75 per 4 weeks 

(5 or more children)

Available as 4 or 8-week time slots 


Join our Private Group Sessions and explore the world of mindfulness with your homeschool, family, or group of friends. We provide fun and engaging activities that teach kids the benefits of mindfulness, such as improved concentration, emotional regulation, and overall well-being. Our experienced instructors will work with your group to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience.

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