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  • What are the instructor's qualifications, experience and training?
    Our instructors are certified yoga instructors, certified educators and/or early learning educators. Mindful Play Learning instructors are trained to teach our specific program.
  • Do you offer a Children's Yoga Certification?
    We offer a Mindful Play Learning Teacher Certification! This comprehensive program focused on: STEAM, HEALTH & WELLNESS, LANGUAGE & LITERACY, PHYSICAL MOVEMENT and SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. : Our Mindful Play Learning Teacher Certification includes foundational Kids Yoga and Mindfulness for early learners.
  • What are the benefits of Mindful Play Learning?
    Listening skills Improved Attention Self-control Emotional resilience Increase Compassion Self Regulation Creativity Problem-solving skills
  • What should I expect of children in a Mindful Play Learning session?
    Each child learns and absorbs information in their own unique way. Some children will choose to participate, while others may choose to observe. We empower the children to process and participate at their own pace. If the children display safe behavior, they can explore their session props and express themselves as the class encourages.
  • Is your program religious?
    No. Mindful Play Learning is a fully secular program. We teach mindfulness as a way to create awareness and acceptance of one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Our sessions are fun and playfully themed for the comprehension of early learners.
  • At what age can my child start your program?
    Mindful Play Learning is designed for children 0-5 years old. The program is designed for students to start at any time, as the program lessons are open-ended and do not build in a particular sequence.
  • Does Mindful Play Learning make accommodations for children with varying abilities?
    Our program is trauma-informed, diversity minded, inclusive and believes in equity for all children. We welcome discussing any child’s needs so we can have the awareness to support them best.
  • Do you provide Professional Development or training for adults?
    Yes. We provide a variety of 90-minute or 1/2 day or full-day professional development, training or workshops for Educators, Clinicians, Home School Groups Leaders, Enrichment Providers and parents.
  • I am a student and would love to volunteer and work with your team for experience. Do you offer internships?
    Yes. We love working with students interested in children's wellness or other fields that support our business.
  • How can I ensure a successful session at my early learning environment?
    Provide a space large enough for movement Ensure that the space is as distraction-free as possible. Be sure that there are adults who will be supervising the children and participating with the children.
  • I'd like to bring your program to my early learning environment. How do I do that?
    Complete our contact us form and tell us more about your needs. Once we know more, we will connect with you to chat about booking!
  • Can I become a Certified Mindful Play Learning Teacher?
    Yes. Becoming a certified Mindful Play Learning teacher empowers you with a comprehensive program that blends mindfulness with play-based education, fostering holistic development in young learners while enhancing your professional growth. Sign up for one of our Mindful Play Learning Teacher Trainings.
  • I want to enroll my child in one of your programs, but you don’t offer it in my area.
    Reach out to us! We want to know more about the need for Mindful Play Learning in your area. There are also opportunities to host private group programs. Contact us at
  • What is mindfulness?
    A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations without judgment. We teach children the skill of mindfulness by empowering them with the awareness of breath, their thoughts and the present moment.
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