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For Schools 

Mindful Play Learning at Your School

What makes PLAY essential for early academic and social-emotional achievement?

At Mindful Play Learning, we know that the early years of a child’s life are the most important for developing healthy emotional intelligence and social-emotional skills. We offer a unique, comprehensive play-based mindfulness programming solution to help young children build resilience, self-awareness, and empathy. Our program is designed to engage children in mindfulness through fun and interactive activities such as yoga, music and movement, finger play and sensory play. 

When you purchase our Complete Program Solution, your teachers become a part of our network of early learning environments and teachers offering Mindful Play Learning. 

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Mindful Play Learning Complete Program Solution 

Mindful Play Learning lessons offer a holistic approach, where mindfulness and yoga meet circle time and play! Each lesson is themed and playfully uses yoga and imagination to teach early learners social-emotional skills, support cognitive development and enhance creativity. Lessons include music and movement, games, storytime, meditation and so much more!  When you purchase our Complete Program Solution, it consists of a 300-page curriculum guide with over 50 lessons (300+ activities), a Mini-Meditation Card Deck, a Yoga Play Card Deck and a teacher kit with activity enhancement tools that are essential for helping to make your Mindful Play Learning sessions a success! 

Lessons include: 

  • Theme Overview

  • Opening

  • Show and Tell 

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathing

  • Playful Sun Salutation

  • Themed Yoga Pose

  • Fingerplay

  • Music and movement with music suggestion

  • Sensory Play 

  • Craft

  • Game

  • Storytime with a book suggestion 

  • Meditation

  • Closing

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Does Mindful Play Learning work in a classroom setting?

Yes, Mindful Play Learning can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or used to supplement any existing curriculum. This program can seamlessly be added to any and all daily lessons. Lessons can be broken out into 90, 60, 30-minute segments, or each activity can be used as it’s own lesson segment.

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Simple for Teachers 

Make the most of complete units during focused class periods or use them separately to help with transition to lesson segments.

✔️Over 50 weeks of lesson plans


✔️Step-by-step teacher curriculum guide


✔️Comes with teacher tools to use during your favorite routines and procedures


✔️In-person or virtual training

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Mindful Play Learning works with your learning environment










*Packages starting at $2500

“Play is one of the main ways that children really consolidate their learning. The way we really make our skills permanent and enriched and highly developed, is often through our play experiences.”

Doris Bergen, a professor at Miami University’s Department of Educational Psychology

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