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Trainings & Workshops  

Mindful Play Learning Training & Workshops

What kind of workshops do you offer?

Mindful Play Learning offers professional development for early learning environments, such as schools, libraries, daycares, hospitals, playspaces, museums, behavioral companies, and other spaces dedicated to early learners.

We also offer workshops about mindfulness for parents and caregivers. 


Professional Development Workshops 

For Educators, we offer professional development workshops for educators who work with early learners. Our workshops provide the skills and tools necessary to incorporate mindfulness practices into their everyday routine in the classroom and personally for themselves. Participants will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of mindfulness and learn how to foster a positive learning environment through mindfulness practices.

Parent & Caregiver Workshops 

Our Workshops for Parents & Caregivers offer an introduction to the fundamentals of mindfulness and provide parents with special skills and tools to help their early learners incorporate mindfulness into the home. These workshops provide an opportunity for parents and families to learn how to introduce mindfulness into their daily lives and how to help their children develop mindfulness skills.

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We offer the following workshops:


  • Mindful Play Learning Curriculum Guide Training

  • Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Life

  • Playful Yoga for the Soul 

  • Mindfulness 101

  • Mindfulness Tools as Behavior Modification  

  • 5 Mindfulness Techniques Using Your Hand 

  • S.E.L. v.s. Mindfulness & How to Use Both

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