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About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Mindful Play Learning, the forefront of mindfulness-based enrichment programming for young learners. Established in 2013, Mindful Play Learning was conceived to offer an enriching curriculum centered around the fusion of mindfulness and play-based learning. We recognized the imperative of fostering mindfulness through interactive play.

Crafted with the principles of Montessori (independent learning) and Reggio Emilia (collaborative learning) educational approaches, we pioneered a comprehensive framework known as the "3 C's of Play." This innovative model emphasizes the facets of community, creativity, and cognitive development. Blending the harmonious convergence of mindfulness, yoga, circle time, and play, the Mindful Play Learning methodology comes to life.

Our team is fervently dedicated to equipping children with the tools to establish profound connections and discover delight in every fleeting moment. We firmly believe that our program wields the potential to effect positive transformations – one child, one family, and one community at a time.

Our Mission


We are on a mission

to empower early learners to imagine the possibilities through mindful play.


Who We Are

Mindful Play Learning is a play-based mindfulness programming solution that uses yoga and imagination to promote social-emotional learning, support cognitive development, and enhance creativity for early learners. 

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What We Do


Mindful Play Learning partners with early learning environments to enhance children's mental health and well-being through our play-based mindfulness curriculum, programming, professional development, workshops, content, and products.

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3 C's of PLAY


A feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. From the moment we began to PLAY as children, we started to create our community. From interactions with family to interactions with other people outside of the home, the social interactions we encounter from the start of our life begin to shape and create the community we will imagine for ourselves for years to come.

The use of the imagination or original ideas.

PLAY produces some of the most interesting ideas and concepts. However simplistic PLAY seems to you, there is an entire complex symphony that can happen in your universe as you PLAY. When we use our imagination during PLAY, we learn empathy; we learn to regulate our emotions and to problem-solve.  This is where our personalities are truly created, and goals are constructed.

Cognitive Development 

The process through which an individual acquires knowledge, comprehension, problem-solving skills, and the capacity for abstract thinking.

Cognitive skill development involves the progressive building of skills, such as attention, memory, and thinking. These skills allow us to process sensory information and encourage us to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons, and understand cause and effect. Although some cognitive skill development is related to our genetic makeup, most cognitive skills are learned. That means thinking and learning skills can be improved with practice and the right training.

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Meet Our Team

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