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FREE MPL Resources

Welcome to our Mindful Play Learning Resource Page! We've assembled an array of free resources to help you and your children/students thrive:

★ Curriculum Playlists: Elevate learning with MPL handpicked songs.

★ Gain Free Yoga Posters: Create a relaxing environment in your classrooms, workspaces, and homes.

★ And a link to our Mindful Play Learning Parent Group.

Explore, enhance, and excel with these valuable Mindful Play Learning resources.

Our Playlists


Youtube Playlists


Themed Playlists

MPL Crafts and Sensory Videos

Spotify Playlist


All Songs Included

in our Curriculum 

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And other free posters/resources throughout the year...

Our Yoga Posters

Explore our free yoga posters that highlight specific poses for both you and your children/students, designed to address a range of feelings and emotions. From relaxation to excitement, these posters are your guide to mindfulness and play with your little ones.


Mindful Play Learning Parent Facebook Group


Join our MPL Parent Facebook Group dedicated to those balancing play and mindfulness. Connect with like-minded parents and educators who share your passion for Mindful Play Learning. Together, we can make learning fun and engaging for our kids!

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