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Teacher     Training  

Empower Young Minds and Elevate Your Career

Why Should You Become Certified as a Mindful Play Learning Teacher?

Becoming a certified Mindful Play Learning teacher empowers you with a comprehensive program that blends mindfulness with play-based education, fostering holistic development in young learners while enhancing your professional growth.


online and in-person training 


Thanks for your interest in the Mindful Play Learning Teacher Training. We anticipate launching our online training mid-summer 2024 and hosting an in-person training in the Orlando, Florida metro area in late summer 2024. Enrollment will open soon. If you would like to be notified when enrollment opens, please provide your contact information below.

What You Will Learn & Benefits 


 Concepts are learned by children becoming aware of their 5 senses and their breath.

Sensory Play

Offers opportunities to engage the five senses in a tactical way with the subject material.


Themed poses that strengthen the body and are fun and easy 

to do!  


Art that uses hands or senses for delicate acts that practice fine control & patience.


Encourages learning rhythm, improves balance and coordination.

Yoga Storytime 

Builds literacy skills, vocabulary and imagination. Builds listening skills.  

Finger Play 

Fun rhymes that aids in language development, math skills & small motor skills.

Open & Closing 

Anticipation is established with children through consistency using songs and incentives.  

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Who Is This Training For? 

Yoga Instructors 


Counselors & Therapist

Home School Parents 

Nannys and Baby Sitters


This comprehensive program focused on:


In accordance with the standards of Yoga Alliance, this program also included foundational Kids Yoga and Mindfulness for early learners.

5 CEUs

Module 1: Welcome
  • Welcome 

  • Outline Overview

  • Mission

  • Who We Are 

  • What We Do 

  • Benefits 

Module 2: Methodology | The Three C's of PLAY
  • Community 

  • Creativity 

  • Cognitive Development

Module 3: Mindful Learning for All Ages and Stages
  • Baby Buddies - up to 12 months

  • Toddler Buddies - 12 months to 30 months

  • Preschool Buddies - 30 months to Five years

  • Primary Buddies - Kindergarten - First Grade

Module 4: Introduction to Kids Anatomy 
  • Gross Motor Developmental Milestones

  • Musculo-Skeletal System

  • Bones 

  • The Nervous System

  • Poses to Avoid

Module 5: Session Snapshot
  • Session Description

Module 6: Setting Your Learning Space
  • MPL Teacher Learning Kit

  • MPL Teacher Set UP

Module 7: The Lesson Plan Grid 
  • 90-Minute Lesson Grid

  • 60-Minute Lesson Grid

  • 30-Minute Lesson Grid

  • 30-Minute Daily Grid 

  • DIY Grid

Module 8: The MPL Lesson Plan  | Part 1 
  • Opening Song

  • Introductions and Show and Tell

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathing

Module 9: Yoga Play Lab 
  • 8 Limbs of Yoga 

  • Playful Sun Salutation

  • Yoga Pose of the Day 

  • Themed Yoga Pose Card Deck 

  • Yoga for Feelings Posters

Module 10: Activity Enhancement Tools
  • Parachute Play

  • Scarf Play

  • Bubble Machine

Module 11: The MPL Lesson Plan  | Part 2 
  • Fingerplay

  • Music and Movement 

  • Sensory Play 

  • Craft

  • Game

Module 12: The MPL Lesson Plan  | Part 3 
  • Meditation

  • Mini - Meditation Card Deck

  • Affirmations 

  • Closing Song

Module 13: A Year at a Glance
  • Year at a Glance

  • DIY A Year at a Glance

Module 14: Themed Lesson Plans
  • 52 weeks of lesson Plans with over 300 activities

Module 15: Resources
  • Music Playlist

  • Early Learning Mindfulness Scale 

  • Research 

  • Youtube 

Module 16: Class Management 
  • 8 Class Management Tips 

  • Trauma-Informed teaching 

Module 17: The Business of Mindful Play Learning 
  • Structuring Your Session

  • Daily Sessions 

  • Weekly or Bi Weekly Sessions 

  • Seasonal Camps Options 

  • Mindful Play Days 

  • Where Can I Teach Mindful Play Learning?

  • Liability Insurance

Module 18: Certification 
  • Class Shadow 

  • Teach a Class 

  • Certification 

  • CEU’s

  • Continuing Education

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