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Mindful Play Learning Themed Lesson Plans are easy-to-use guides for Mindful Play Learning Time with early learners. 


Mindful Play Learning time offers a holistic approach where mindfulness and yoga meet circle time and play! Each session is themed and playfully uses yoga and imagination to teach early learners social-emotional skills, support cognitive development and enhance creativity. Sessions include music and movement, games, storytime, meditation, and more!


Each theme is laid out with an introduction page that talks about the theme and has a suggested book list, fingerplays, and songs for music and movement. We encourage you to find the songs on your favorite listening app. Most are found on YouTube or your favorite streaming platform. If you have a favorite book or song that you love that relates to the theme, please feel free to use it. Our second page is the class structure grid which outlines your day. The third page contains the materials for sensory play, crafts, and games. The remaining pages are fingerplay lyrics and the daily yoga pose. 


The Lesson Plan Grid is an outline. You can add and subtract items from the schedule to match your group and timeline as an instructor.



Overview page

  • About this theme
  • Book list 
  • Finger Play title
  • Music and Movement suggested songs


Lesson plan grid

  • Theme Overview
  • Opening
  • Show and Tell 
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing
  • Playful Sun Salutation
  • Themed Yoga Pose
  • Fingerplay
  • Music and movement with music suggestion
  • Sensory Play 
  • Craft
  • Game
  • Storytime with a book suggestion 
  • Meditation
  • Closing


Materials page 

  • Sensory Play 
  • Craft 
  • Game 


Themed Finger Play 

Themed Yoga Pose 


How to use: 

This Mindful Play Learning Themed Lesson Plan is a 5 - 6 page digital download that you view on your tablet, computer, or phone. You can also print the pages. We recommend laminating or adding to a three-ring binder if you are printing. 

Shapes Lesson Plan

  • Do not distribute or resell our digital products. You may save digital downloads on a cloud or your computer. You may print them for your personal use and your student's use  You may not make copies for an entire school or school district unless you purchase a license. For licensing, please contact us at

  • Because customers receive PDF files of our products instantly, we cannot offer refunds. Please read the product descriptions. Most of our products are printable digital downloads, not physical products.

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