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The Impact of Yoga on Children's Mental and Physical Well-being

Yoga is one of the most productive ways to regulate your emotions and center yourself as an adult. It can provide stress relief, help align your mind and body, and more. 

So, how do children benefit from yoga?

Yoga can produce the same positive effects on children’s minds and help them handle their emotions as well. 

According to a study performed about that exact prospect, research from the National Library of Medicine showed that, “Yoga can be an appropriate scientific intervention in childhood and youth as a stress alleviator, especially in the school setting.” (Ingunn Hagen and Usha S. Nayar.)

This study is a testament that yoga can be a real tool to use for children to help them through all stages of life. It can play a part in the healthy development of children, growing their emotional maturity and self-regulation of their emotions. Additionally, the stress that some children struggle with as they age can affect their mental health. 

Yoga and stress directly correlate, as the calming sensation that yoga brings can combat those stressful feelings.

Children have so many large emotions in such little bodies that it isn’t surprising that sometimes their reactions to these feelings are difficult to handle. But yoga can be the answer.

Yoga is an amazing way to help children work through these emotions, calm their minds and their bodies, and breathe through the poses to help return to a calm state. 

There are yoga poses for every emotion your little one may be feeling! 

Click through to check out these awesome Yoga Pose cards for different emotions by Yolonda Deon Tyler:

To read more about this study, check out the link below:


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