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How to Use the Mindful Play Learning Yoga Play Card Deck

Mindful Play Learning had one main goal when creating our Yoga Play Card Deck: increase representation of Black and Brown faces in the Yoga and Mindfulness wellness space for early learning educators. 

With these cards, early learning educators can see the poses and mimic them with their early learners during Mindful Play Learning time. There are 52 cards, each highlighting a select easy-to-perform pose for early learners! This deck is both convenient and accessible whether you are in a classroom or at home!

Yoga is highly beneficial for children as it improves flexibility and balance, as well as posture and coordination. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga also improves emotional regulation, promotes mindfulness, and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Overall, yoga instills a sense of calm and self-awareness, empowering children with essential life skills.

There are many ways to use this card deck and add in some fun!

Here are a few ideas:

Choose a Theme:

• Select a theme from the deck that suits the occasion or resonates with the children’s interests. Each card features a unique yoga pose tied to a playful theme.

Introduce the Pose:

• Take a moment to explain the chosen theme and the yoga pose depicted on the card. Encourage children to listen and engage in a brief discussion about the pose.

Perform the Pose:

• Demonstrate the yoga pose for the children. Invite them to follow along at their own pace.

Encourage Mindful Movement:

• Emphasize the importance of mindfulness during the yoga practice. Encourage children to focus on their breath, sensations in their bodies, and the theme associated with each pose.

Storytelling with Poses:

• Integrate storytelling by encouraging children to create short stories or scenarios related to the chosen theme. This adds a creative element to the yoga session, enhancing imagination and engagement.

Reflect and Share:

• Ask children to share their thoughts or experiences with the poses and themes. This creates a positive and supportive environment for learning and self-expression.

Ready to purchase? If so, hit the button below to be taken to a direct link to our Yoga Play Card Deck!

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